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As promised in last weeks post, here are the before and after photos that show the progression of the set-up for Jeanna + Jeff’s ‘Blue Heaven’ Wedding in Naples, Florida, which was recently featured in the current Spring/Summer Issue of Weddings Illustrated.  One of our favorite parts of transforming a space is seeing the progression from what the space typically looks like to what it can become with a bit of imagination.  In this case, after a little less than 24 hours of set-up.  It took an amazing crew, of 20+ vendors, working around the clock, on a rather tight time frame, due to LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort having a few events prior to when we could start physical set-up, to transform the space.  
And here was how it was done!  Here is a photo story of the progression of the ballroom from what we started with, to what was created.  We apologize, as the quality of the photos are rather poor as they were taken by our camera phones…but we did include a few beauty shots from the professionals at the very end, which are SOOOO much better!
Above: Day 1 | The staging and flooring being installed.  Of course we walked in while the guys were on their lunch break!
Above: The staging and the carpeting being installed and the drapery and lighting going up.
Above: Day 2 – Wedding Day | After our team worked all night, we arrived to find the flooring and carpeting done, draping up and the first two of the eight custom drum shades for the chandeliers installed.
Above: The band arrived to start set-up while lighting was being tested and the rest of the chandeliers were installed.  Shortly after, the furniture and decor all was installed, but we were so busy we didn’t have time for photos…Sorry!
And Walla!  The AFTER:
Above: The custom Ice Bar
Below: A few panorama room shots, thanks to the good ‘ole iPhone!
And here are a few of the PROFESSIONAL photos of the final product!  Photos by Ryan Joseph Photographs and Larry Perez Photography




Above: Our lovely and happy couple enjoying their first dance!!
Well, we hope you enjoyed seeing what we started with, which happens to be a beautiful venue on its own, but how it can be transformed into something completely different with just the right amount of imagination!!
Happy Planning!
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