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A few weeks ago, our Executive Planner + Designer, Anna Lucia Richardson, was asked to sit down with The Scout Guide, Naples for an interview on what the process is like for our clients when they choose to work with LUCIA|PAUL DESIGN.  Well, last Friday that interview went live on their Blog and we are honored to be featured.  So, we thought we’d share A little of what Anna had to say here on our blog!  For the complete feature, please visit The Scout Guide, Naples HERE!


{From The Scout Guide, Naples}
How do you begin to plan an event/wedding?
First and foremost we have our clients complete a questionnaire to get to know them and their personal style. Then we meet with them — in person, via phone or Skype — and have a pre-planning and design session to understand their planning and design needs for their wedding or event. We want to get to know the couple in as much detail as possible so we can really bring out their personalities and personal style in the event. Each client is unique and their wedding or event signifies the story of their lives. In the case of corporate clients, the event is a representation of their business.

What special service/trait/feature can a client expect when working with you?  
The feeling that they are the only client. This is the reason why we only take a small number of weddings and events in a 12-month time period so we can give attention to each client.

In addition to our exclusive wedding and event planning services, we offer an extensive design service for our clients. We custom tailor a design concept specifically for each client. In some cases, this is down to the color of the thread in the custom linens made for a client. We put a lot of thought and effort to ensure that no two weddings or events are ever the same. Once a design has been agreed upon, we then begin reaching out to our trusted vendors to meet the clients needs.
Do you have particular colors/materials/decor details that you like to use? A go-to centerpiece detail?  
No, since we customize all of our events specifically for the client. But we are particular about things being too “matchy matchy”. We try to help clients really understand the value of textures, layers and depth when designing. A lot of wedding and event related rental items at times can tend to be stale and flat, if you just go with what you think is all that you can have. Think outside of the typical wedding and event design spectrum and be creative. Don’t be afraid of layering color by the way of varying shades of a color. And don’t feel that you can only get what you can find…trust the expertise of your vendors to create something unique and just for you!

What is the must-do logistical detail that makes an event?
Plain and simple, a very detailed and organized schedule and timeline for the day/weekend/week of your wedding or event. Also, don’t forget to include a surprise element for your guests. Give them something that is unexpected and make them say “WOW”!


Thank you again, SCOUT, for this lovely opportunity!!


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